At present I am looking for exhibition space for
Laser fantasies (38 pieces)
Horses (3O pieces)

I am open to any suggestions regarding exhibition space. Art galleries and exhibition rooms are welcome to inquire.
e-mail: info@minafoto.hu


2006 Belgium, Flemishnudes Fest: Nudes
2005 November, Kesztölc, Cukor Riding School: Horses
2005 October, Budapest, Corvin Cultural Centre: Laser Fantasies
2005 September, Túrkeve, Mayor’s Office: Lovak
2005 September, Budapest, Csili Community Centre: Laser Fantasies
2004 February, Budapest, Újpesti Youth Centre: Laser Fantasies
2002 Budapest, OFOTÉRT Wall Gallery: Nature Shots
1998 Szolnok, Verseghy Library: Dreams of Light
1996 BMK: Month of Visual Art